Historic mustard mill

Experience the almost 2.000-year-old mustard mill during a guided tour with first-hand information given to you by an expert. You will learn a lot about the manufacturing process of the gourmet mustard that is produced according to historic, handed-down recipes. Try the historic mustard made from its 200-year-old original recipe. Or would you like some Riesling mustard? And what about “Wabensenf” (Honeycomb mustard) or some exotic Indian Curry mustard? Or maybe some fruit spread refined with mustard? Try out by yourself!

Historische Senfmühle Dehren GmbH
Endertstraße 18
56812 Cochem
Telefon 02671 607 665
Fax 02671 607 667
E-Mail: info@senfmuehle.net

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