Partnerships and Sponsorships

Avallon – our french city in Burgundy

It was in Cochem’s market square that on the 18th of June 1966 the city partnership between the cities of Cochem and Avallon was officially sealed and announced. During a return visit in September of that same year, the announcement was reinforced. With its 7.000 inhabitants, the size of Avallon is comparable to our town. It is the seat of the sub-prefecture of its arrondissement of the same name in the Yonne department in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in central-eastern France. Just like the city of Cochem, Avallon has its origins in Celtic (or rather Gallic) culture.

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Moritzburg – our twin city in Saxony

Moritzburg, our twin city since the 3rd of October 1990, lies in the heart of the federal country of Saxony, just a few kilometres away from Dresden. Our twin city is indeed comparable with Cochem as there is a baroque hunting lodge to be found. The town of Moritzburg ist part of the administrative district of Meißen, but builds a municipality with its five adjacent towns.

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Malmedy – our twin city in the ardennes

On the 3rd of May1974, Malmedy became the second city to enter into a twinning agreement with the city of Cochem. Malmedy is situated in the Ardennes. The city goes back to the foundation of a monastery by Saint Remaclus who is also Cochem’s patron saint. Being located in Wallonia, the city’s population is French-speaking for the most. 20 % of the population however speak German. This is why Malmedy is a municipality with language facilities.

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Tactical air force wing 33 – our squadron

The city of Cochem is home to the “Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 33” (Tactical Air Force Wing 33; abbreviated as: TaktLwG 33) of the German Airforce serving as its garrison town. It is also home to the 702 Munitions Support Squadron (702 MUNSS) of the United States Air Force (USAF). Since its establishment in 1958, the air base is situated in Büchel, whereas its military barracks are located in the district of Brauheck. Originally equipped with type F-84F-Thunderstreak type planes, these were replaced by F-104G-Starfighter models in 1962. In 1985 the latter were replaced by Tornado IDS type aircrafts. In the city of Cochem, many of the squadron’s members are actively engaged on a societal level.

Elbe-class replenishment ship “Mosel” – our german navy connection

The current Tender Mosel is a Type 404 Elbe-class replenishment ship. It is part of Bundeswehr’s 5th minesweeping squadron. It is the second ship of that type by the name of Mosel. It substituted the first Tender on the 1st of July 1993. Cochem’s municipal coat of arms attached to the ship’s bow is the symbol of the close bond to its partner town. Thanks to regular reciprocal visits, there is always a lively exchange between the officers and ship’s crews and the citizens of Cochem.