Attractions in Cochem


Historic mustard mill

Experience the almost 2.000-year-old mustard mill during a guided tour with first-hand information given to you by an expert. You will learn a lot about the manufacturing process of the gourmet mustard that is produced according to historic, handed-down recipes. Try the historic mustard made from its 200-year-old [...]


Cochem imperial castle

With its more than 1.000 years of history, Cochem Imperial Castle is our region’s touristic magnet par excellence. From no matter what direction, you approach our town, you will always find our castle more than 100 meters above the Moselle river (...)



The Pinnerkreuz lookout point with a fantastic view of the Mosel valley is located high on top of the Pinnerberg mountain. It is easily and conveniently reached by our chair lift, the Cochemer Sesselbahn. The name is a reference to a [...]